Fun Facts About Colombia

Columbia is a country located in South America. It is known for the tropical climate and culture. There are some interesting facts about Columbia that many people do not know.

National Debt


The Columbia nation’s debt was in the billions. Pablo Escobar, the drug lord offered to pay off the national debt of $10 billion. This helped improve his reputation with the people and many say it go him out of some serious trouble.


Not a Good Title


The second biggest city in Columbia was once known as the murder capital of the world. In 1991, there were 17 murders every day in this city. Since that time the city has been transformed and cleaned up. It is now a place where people go to take in the culture of Columbia.




Columbia is the second most biodiverse place in the world. There are 17 diverse zones in the county. A person can go from a tropical climate to an area covered with snow without leaving the country.


Ring of Fire


Columbia is one the Ring of Fire. This is a group of volcanoes along the Pacific Ocean. These volcanoes still erupt today and the areas that are located on the Ring of Fire have a higher risk of earthquakes.


Adult Fun


It is not uncommon to see adult hardcore porn sold the streets. There are some very unusual tastes in this country so try not to be offended when walking the town or waiting at a traffic light.


Attractive People


The people of Columbia are some of the best-looking people in the world. This is in part due to good genes. The rest is due to cosmetic surgery. If a person wants to change something about their body that they do not like they will go to the doctor and get some work done. This is the 5th most popular country for plastic surgery in the world.


Shapely Mannequins


When walking by a store it is not unusual to see a mannequin that has very large breasts. The country likes women that have curves and it can be a play on the high amount of plastic surgery that is performed.




The city of Bogota has one of the largest networks for riding a bicycle. The trail stretches for over 300 km. The trail will go through the slums, the suburbs, and will center in the center of the city.




Since Columbia is located right on the equator there is a lot of heat and there is plenty of suns. This is great for people that are counting on nice weather.


Dry Law


During major sporting events and other events that draw a large number of people, a dry law goes into effect. As part of this law consuming alcohol in public is prohibited. This is done in an effort to reduce the level of violence.


These are some interesting facts about the country of Columbia. While this country is rich in the culture there are some things that a person should know before they visit this area. You may also get some Christmas dinner main dish ideas from their culture.